Olive Oil Projects & Agribusiness

Integrated & Turnkey Olive Oil Projects

We give our Customers the possibility to choose the product that best fits their strategy or needs, ranging from a fully comprehensive Turnkey Project (Agricultural & Industrial phases) to a single focus project.

Olive Oil Projects – Agricultural Phase

Andalous Consulting also offers its Customers the option to request any of the contents mentioned below as an independent service.

1. Feasibility Study

The purpose of this phase is to appraise the agronomical potential for olive oil tree orchards. In this phase two main Items will be analysed for each of the selected plots.

1. A Agronomical Aptitude Test

The parameters to be analysed are:

  • Soil and Water components
  • Stoniness scale
  • Slopes and orientation
  • Historical Climate (rainfall, temperatures, evapotranspiration, wind maps) and Solar exposure data

1. B Irrigation
Appraisal of minimum irrigation needs vs water availability

The deliverable in this stage is a Feasibility Report which will determine the plot’s potential to develop Super Intensive and Hedgerow Olive Orchards

2. Project Design

Based on the compiled data of the Feasibility Study, Andalous Consulting will build the following:

Agronomical Project Design – Autocad:
  • Define the optimal tree density per hectare (plantation frame)
  • Select the appropriate olive tree varieties for each specific plot
  • Drip Irrigation project design:
Drip Irrigation Project Design:
  • Irrigation network mapping
  • Establishment of the irrigation sectors of the future plantation
  • Irrigation material (remote controlled) requirements

The outcome of this phase makes available to the customer a turnkey project proposal, along with its corresponding cost.

3. Business Plan
The Business Plan includes the following chapters:
  • Total investment cost, including the investment required on equipment for the running of the plantation, after the execution of the plantation works, cropping and trimming material
  • Cash-flow analysis and treasury needs: including preparation works, plantation execution and 5yr plantation running costs
  • Definition of the workforce needed at each phase of the project
  • Olive and olive oil production estimates: 10yr production estimates after entering production (from year 3).
4. Execution Planning
The steps that Andalous Consulting follows to perform the plantation works are:
  • Soil preparation
  • Irrigation network system setup
  • Plantation execution: mechanical plantation, including all related materials (litonita, plants, tutors, …)
  • Equipment  dimensioning needed for the development of the plantation (tools, harvesters, tractors, accessories, …)
5. After-Sales Services

Andalous Consulting offers its Customers a wide range of customized services

Annual Technical Assistance Services Sustainable orchards are our priority. Andalous Consulting’s team of agronomists will give our customers the needed technical support to appropriately develop the orchard, maintain an adequate phytosanitary condition, obtain stable olive productions and reduce tree aging. This assistance consists of:
  • Irrigation program
  • Fertilisation program
  • Preventive phytosanitary program
  • Hedgerow formation pruning instructions
  • After crop pruning
Organic conversion services
Organically managed olive farming in suitable environments is widely increasing all over the world. Andalous Consulting has successfully managed the administrative and agronomical aspects of this process in Tunisia for several years and is currently making this know-how available, along with organic technical assistance, to all its customers
6. Training
We provide the following exclusive services:
  • Workforce training
  • Pruning training (during the tree growth and post-harvest)
  • Cultivation development training ( irrigation, nutrition and preventive phytosanitary treatments).

Olive Oil Projects – Industrial Phase

Our know-how and experience in Integrated Olive Oil Turnkey Projects, enables us to offer to our Customers consultancy services in olive oil processing plants and related facilities that match and take into account the annual olive harvests forecasted in the Agricultural Phase.

Our exclusive objective is to allow our customers to benefit from an optimum oil extraction process, which as a result will provide them with a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The master plan of the Industrial phase should be ready and approved for execution 18 months before the olive orchard enters into production. This will enable you to select material & equipment suppliers, execute the construction, install the equipment and perform the fine-tuning of the olive oil mill and the processing plant.

The milestones of the Industrial phase are the following:

  • Preliminary Project: civil engineering draft
  • Final (executable) Civil Engineering Project
  • Civil Engineering construction (buildings & other facilities)
  • Extraction Lines layout (from olive reception to oil production)
  • Olive reception lines & equipment
  • Extraction Lines
  • Second extraction lines
  • Liquid residues treatment station
  • Air conditioning system
  • Heating system
  • Electrical network + cabinets for industrial process
  • Storage tanks
  • Bottling chain. The commercial strategy must be determined by the customer prior to dimensioning bottling needs
  • Laboratory equipment