Frequently Asked Questions: Olive Oil Projects & Agribusiness

Andalous Consulting manages your Olive Oil Project from start to finish: from site & tree selection, olive orchard set-up and planting to mill design, extraction and storage of olive oil.

We work together with World-Class suppliers to turn Olive Oil into your business.

Integrated olive oil turnkey projects generally consist of two phases: agricultural and industrial. Each one requires different types of expertise and know-how. 

For the success of your project Andalous Consulting works closely and in coordination only with major players in the olive oil industry. Local suppliers will also be involved in many other steps during the life of your project.

The olive oil market in particular is experiencing important changes all around the world. The current trends of the international market push producers to become more competitive pricewise and at the same time demand a final product that meets the highest standards of quality.

As a result, olive oil producers are faced with the need to implement new growing and harvesting techniques that will allow their olive orchards to be more profitable.

This is the reason behind Andalous Consulting’s choice to offer its Customers a pioneer technique that will allow them to maximize the benefit from their farms: mechanical planting of hedgerow configured olive orchards.

Hedgerow olive tree planting Is the state-of-the-art high-yield farming method that allows farmers to:

  • Plant in a short period of time: using fully mechanized and GPS guided tractors that on average deliver a planting capacity of 5 hectares per day; for densities ranging from 1300 to 1500 trees/Ha.
  • Harvest in a short period of time: over-the row-harvesters can harvest 1 ha in 2:00 to 2:30 hours (average of 10 to 11 tons crop/ha).Mechanical harvesting dramatically reduces both labor costs and, most important of all, the time frame between the harvesting and extraction processes, which avoids triggering olive oil acidity.

As a result, all oil obtained is 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • Reach production after 3 springs: the use of quick maturing varieties, known for their flexibility and regular yield, in hedgerow configured olive orchards reduces the pre-productive period versus other olive varieties.
  • Increase production yield per hectare: the high efficiency of drip irrigation technology makes it possible to use higher tree densities.
  • Annual early cropping: the olive varieties used in hedgerow configured olive orchards produce advanced crops (late October – early November), providing the farmer with the first olive oil production of olive season, which is highly demanded in the international oil market. Early cropping is very beneficial for the tree: it allows advanced pruning immediately after the harvest and a complete hibernation of the tree during winter. This originates an excellent regeneration that produces an optimal flower blooming during the following spring.
  • Reduced alternate bearing: olive varieties used in hedgerow olive orchards reduce the biological alternation (sequence of a high yield in one year followed by a low yield in the subsequent year) of the olive tree.

Andalous Consulting was founded in Tunisia in 2009, with the purpose of assisting international investors willing to internationalize their business in the north of Africa. Its core business focused around fund raising for international projects. Our Customers in the Olive Oil industry can benefit from this expertise and know how.

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